🔧How the app function

In order to ensure the best customer experience on your store, while truly stick to what the law say, we do provide a range of toggles, so you can config the app to your preference.

The explanation to the toggles are as followed:

  • Banner's cookie icon: The appearance of a cookie icon on your cookie banner. This may help non-native speakers recognize that the banner is for cookie consent purpose. You can change this icon by choosing on the list or uploading your own logo to match your brand

  • Show on home page only: If turned on, the banner will only appear on the home page, and no where else on the website.

  • Show decline button: Show a Decline button on cookie banner which customers to decline cookie consent. This may be compulsory in some regions.

  • Show decline button on popup (Pro version only): Show a Decline button on preferences popup which customers to decline cookie consent.

  • Cookie button for changing preference later (Pro version only): If turned in, a cookie button will appear on your site so customers can change their cookie preference later should they change their mind. You can change this icon by choosing on the list or uploading your own logo to match your brand.

  • Don't show banner again next time if declined: Normally people would be asked for their cookie consent until they give their response. If turn this on, they won't be asked again if declined.

  • Show close icon: If you turn this on, there is a close icon on cookie banner which allows customers hide the banner temporarily. The banner will appear again on the next time customers access your store.

  • Show preference button (Pro version only): Some regulations require websites to allow customers to select which cookie they give consent to and which they don't. A preference button will enable that.

  • Block user interact to store before give consent tracking: If you turn it on, when the cookie banner appears, there will be an overlay which prevents customer interact to your store (click buttons/images or scroll) until customers accept or decline tracking.

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