📑Data Request Log

The Data Request Log is an essential component of the Data Request Management feature. It provides merchants with an organized view of all the data requests submitted by customers, enabling them to track and manage these requests efficiently.

Log Overview

The Data Request Log is displayed as a table with several columns that provide key information about each request:

  • Customers: This column shows the customer's name

  • Email: The email address of the customer who made the request is displayed here, serving as a point of reference and contact.

  • Request date & Request time: These columns show the date and time when the request was received, providing insight into the urgency and allowing for timely responses.

  • Request Type: This indicates the nature of the request, whether it's for viewing, editing, or deleting data.

  • Action: Each row has an actionable button that allows merchants to mark the request as completed once it has been addressed.


  • Sorting: Merchants can sort the log by any column header, such as Timestamp or Request Type, to organize the view according to their preference.

  • Searching: A search function allows merchants to filter the log for specific customer emails or request types, facilitating quick access to particular entries.

  • Mark as Done: Once a request has been fulfilled, merchants can use the Action Button to mark it as Done, which updates the status and helps keep the log up to date.

Managing the Log

To effectively manage the Data Request Log, merchants should:

  1. Review Regularly: Check the log frequently to stay on top of new requests and address them in a timely manner.

  2. Sort and Search: Use the sorting and searching features to efficiently manage and prioritize requests.

  3. Update Status: After fulfilling a request, promptly mark it as Done to ensure the log reflects the current state of customer requests.

  4. Maintain Records: Keep a record of all interactions and resolutions for each request to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Export data requests

Merchant can export customers' data request to an Excel file by current page or all of requests

Note: The Data Request Log is an important tool for both managing customer requests and demonstrating compliance with data privacy regulations. It is recommended to integrate this log with any other CRM or customer service tools that the merchant uses for a streamlined management process.

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