📗Managing categories

Managing categories, their name, description and organization is just as important as managing the cookies themselves as the information regarding the categories is asked by a number of regulations to be as clear and easy to understand as possible.

Start managing categories by click on Categories in the navigation.

Upon opening the tab, you will see a table which lists the current categories. You can add new categories to the list, edit or remove them.

The columns of the table can be explained as below:

  • No: Number of row.

  • Title: Name of the category. You can change it to better fit the language of the cookie banner.

  • Description: The detail regarding the purpose of this categories, overall description of the cookies listed in the categories and any additional information that may affect the decision of customers to turn that category on or off.

  • Status: If the category has been published and visible on cookie banner or not.

  • Necessary: Some website requires certain cookies to function. Those belong to this type will and should be listed in the Necessary category. This category is named Necessary by default.

  • Action: Once hover over any row, you can select to edit the category's information or delete the category permanently.

Using the filter on top of the table, you can quickly sort out the categories you want:

To create a new category, click on the Add category button on the top right corner:

A pop-up will appear. Fill out the information necessary in the pop-up and click Submit to create new:

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